Mission Statement

Limerick Social Services Council Ltd Crèche aims to provide a quality accessible and developmental Childcare service that allows children whose needs we can meet to gain access to and participate in early years education. We support children’s individual identity within their own culture community and family.

We aim to provide an environment which reflects the principles and standards of the Siolta and Aistear curriculum.


The Crèche acknowledges the central role of parents as the primary carers and educators of their children. We are, therefore, committed to being open, inclusive, welcoming and respectful of all parents using the service.


All staff with responsibility for children are fully accredited in childcare provision. For babies, the ratio of staff to baby is 1:3 and for toddlers, the ratio is 1:5.


The Crèche provides equipment and activities that are appropriate to the age and developmental stage of each individual child.


Application forms are available from the Crèche reception.


Fees are payable on a weekly basis, and (as a result of the new Subvention Scheme announced by the Minister of the Office for Children), will be reviewed twice annually.

Fees are paid by standing order weekly to the crèche bank account.
A non refundable deposit is required on acceptance of a crèche place.

What to bring to the Crèche:

  • Baby’s changing bag, nappies, cream and wipes
  • Pre-made bottle feeds
  • Coat, hat, mitts, sturdy outdoor shoes (for all ages)
  • Comforter, if used
  • A complete change of labelled clothing (all ages)
  • Extra clothing is required for children being toilet trained
  • Buggies placed in the buggy store are the responsibility of parents
  • A sun hat and sunscreen is required in fine weather.


Breakfast, a cooked lunch and afternoon tea is served daily. All food is freshly prepared and sourced from approved suppliers.


Where a child has a long-term medical condition that requires medication (e.g. asthma), the Crèche Manager will discuss this in detail with the parents.
Full information on the administration of medication within the Crèche is detailed in the Parents Policy Document, available on admission.


In order to reduce the risk of infection, children who have been absent from the crèche for a week must present a cert of fitness to return from their doctor.


You are required to ensure that your child may only be collected by persons over 18 years of age who are named on the collection consent form.
We appreciate parent’s cooperation with the agreed collection time for their children.


The Crèche welcomes visits to its premises but it also recognises that this may be disruptive to the care of the children. The Crèche therefore requires all visitors to book in advance in order to minimise any disruption.
In the interest of health and safety, children not attending the Crèche are not admitted to childcare areas.


The Crèche closes for:
• 2 weeks in August
• 1 week at Christmas
• Public holidays
• Training days/ staff meeting once a month, with prior notification • given to parents
• 4 days in January (in addition to the holiday break)
• Crèche Management is not responsible where the Crèche has to close in the event of an emergency


All parent(s), authorised collectors and visitors must identify themselves to staff over the intercom prior to admission to the Crèche. All rooms are monitored by CCTV.

Opening hours

9am to 6pm Monday to Friday
8.30am to 6pm Monday to Friday in consultation with the Crèche Manager.

Contact us

Limerick Social Service Centre
Upper Henry St., Limerick

T : 61 314111
F :
061 314069
E :

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