Who We Are

The 1972 Limerick Social Service Council’s Annual Report documented that:


“Limerick is experiencing welcome progress in the commercial and industrial aspects of its life. This new prosperity, while benefiting many people, of its nature passes by the weak and the disadvantaged.

Indeed, the welfare of these latter is very inadequately catered for in national social provisions. Voluntary effort has ever had the role of filling the gaps left in social policy and social provision.”

Almost four decades later, the same introduction could be used. In an era of unprecedented growth and change, there are still those who are left in the shadows of this prosperity. Limerick Social Service Centre aims to promote the dignity and growth of individuals, families and groups by ensuring that:

  • the dignity of every person is respected
  • quality practices are developed
  • service provision is both preventative and supportive of individuals and families
  • there is a multi-agency response to need, through networking with both statutory and voluntary agencies and organisations.
  • the services provided are affordable and accessible to those in need, or free of charge where appropriate
  • services are monitored and evaluated

The work of the Centre is carried out by a dedicated team of over 90 staff and dedicated teams of volunteers, through a range of individual services (detailed in this report) ranging from support for pre-school children to elderly people.

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