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About Us

The LSSC Board of Directors

The LSSC’s Board of Directors is comprised of up to 12 members who serve voluntarily, for a 3 year term that can be extended. Directors are Irish citizens or permanent residents in Ireland.  The Board may also appoint two ex-officio members to one-year terms.  Ex-officio members, who may attend and participate at any Board meeting, include the Past Chair and, possibly, an outgoing member whose valued contributions are maintained in this capacity.  Officers of the Board include the Chairperson, Vice-Chair, secretary and treasurer. The Chairperson’s role is to ensure the integrity of the Council’s process and to represent the Board to outside parties. The vice-Chair assists the Chairperson as required and provide for continuity in the leadership of the Board. The Chairperson is selected by the Board from amongst its members for a term of two years.

The Board’s primary role is to provide strategic leadership for LSSC affairs in accordance with the organisation's Mission, Vision and Values. To fulfil its role, the Board engages in long-term planning and ensures accountability to the public. The Board’s tasks include liaising with agency constituents, determining and carrying out governing policies and overseeing the performance of the General Manager. The Board also serves an important role as the steward of the organisation’s financial and human resources.

Officers of the Board

Chair: Martin Golden

Canon Donogh O’Malley
Catherine Kelly
Marie Hennessy
Jackie McNair
Frank O’Brien
Betty Walsh
Pat Lynch
Ger Crowley