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About Us

The LSSC Team

At the LSSC, we are dedicated to providing services to those who are most marginalised or vulnerable and our programmes and services reflect the diversity of Limerick’s population. Likewise, our staff and volunteers reflect this diversity, enabling us to exemplify the equity we seek to see across the city and county. The LSSC’s strengths are our people, who deliver our programmes and services with professionalism, expertise, understanding and compassion.

The LSSC currently employs over 60 staff and is supported by over 20 volunteers. Our team is divided between our Management, Programme Staff, Administration and Maintenance Staff. Each of our team members helps, in one way or another, to improve the quality of life for the hundreds of individuals and families who come to us each year.

Meet Our Team

Student Placements

Student placements are for individuals who are required by their college or university to complete a certain number of hours in their field of study in order to graduate.

The LSSC is committed to providing meaningful learning opportunities to students enrolled in social work, child care and counselling as well as other college or university-based professional programmes such as administration, policy research and IT.

Over the years, our organisation has benefited from having students working at the LSSC in a variety of capacities and welcomed the exchange of learning that occurs between students and staff. We have a proud history of mentoring the next generation of community and social service professionals.

It should be noted that some LSSC Programmes only provide student placements for advanced post-graduate level students; furthermore, the LSSC only works with academic institutions that are registered and in good standing with the Department of Education & Skills, Colleges and Universities and degree or diploma programmes that have been accredited by an appropriate regulatory body (e.g. CORU, IACP, IAHIP or IAAAC, etc.).



LSSC Volunteers

The LSSC depends, to a great extent, on the willingness of people to help each other, define and respond to emerging problems, create and implement social programmes, and give voice to issues that are important to us all.  We are grateful to our many wonderful volunteers who bring compassion, caring and commitment to support our work.

Last year, our volunteers provided hundreds of hours assistance to LSSC staff and service users. They contributed their time and talents unstintingly to do a myriad of tasks behind the scenes.  Not only does their patience, dependability, cheerfulness and competence make our jobs easier, it also enables us to deliver our best service to our communities. We are very grateful for their generous assistance.  Without them, our work would not have achieved the level of impact and successes it has now. 

Steps to Volunteering at LSSC:
  1. Contact the LSSC for available volunteer positions.
  2. Commit to the time frame outlined by the relevant LSSC Programme Manager
  3. Agree to sign all LSSC Volunteer registration documents, including Garda Checks as outlined by the Programme Manager
  4. Agree to abide by all LSSC policies and procedures
  5. Submit references if requested.
LSSC’s process for screening Volunteer applicants:
  1. Review the prospective volunteer’s application form and CV (if applicable)
  2. Interview the prospective volunteer to determine if there is a match between the individual, the LSSC Programme and the position
  3. Check references
  4. Process the applicant’s Garda Check
  5. Notify the applicant when the process is completed.
Additional information:

A probationary period is required for some volunteer roles.

We also welcome community/corporate groups that would like to get involved on either short-term or long-term projects. For further information contact the LSSC Human Resource Department.end_of_the_skype_highlighting